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What is KJRK? Well, way back around November of 1979 my nutty friends and my brother, who were around 12 - 14 years old, got ahold of a tape recorder and pretended they were DJs on a radio station. Some of the names of the stations were KFRG (K-Frog), KWLK (K-Welk after Lawrence Welk, who's TV show was on at the time and seemed pretty bizarre to us), and our favorite: KJRK (K-Jerk)

Of course, being DJs we needed nicknames, so we all came up with weird-sounding ones. Sometimes the nicknames changed from tape to tape. I still call some of my friends by their DJ names today!

They were all done on the fly, and the misses were as common as the hits, but if you happened to live in the Southern California area you may recognize some of the spoofs we did of then-current TV and radio adds, like Cal Worthington, Pacific Stereo, MJB coffee adds, the Jack in the Box add where the clown was blown up, etc...

Fortunately most of those tapes were saved by my brother, and listening to them today reminds us of when we were young and feckless. (that's a real word, look it up!) So presented for your listening pleasure are snippets of some of the more normal clips from these old tapes. It may be the immature ramblings of some teen goofballs, but at least it isn't Hanson!

The Cast

The Black Jamaican: Albert R.

The Green Midget, Cosmic Guerilla: Bob M.

Zeke the Freak: Troy A.

KJ Bleu: Eddie M.

Jack's blown up!

KJRK version of the Jack in the Box commercial when the clown was blown up (538k)


A TV commercial where a husband and wife argue whether MJB coffee was 'rich' or 'mild'
(In this version the arguement got a little out of hand!) (415k)


Very weird one! A little bit of the old Union 76 ads where the fatherly 'Murphy' would dispense advice to his patrons and co-workers, (used to be shown during Dodgers games on channel 11) combined with a pimple cream ad (198k)

A feature of the cheap tape recorder we used was a pause button that you had to keep pressed down to stop the tape. Zeke discovered that if you pressed it really fast it would warp whatever you were saying. Click below to hear some examples of the 'Pause Button' in action


BJ free-forms with the pause button (50k)


Cosmic Guerilla at the end of the Jack in the Box commercial (14k)


Zeke the Freak makes up another sound effect (22k)

That's all for now. I may post more later.

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