KJ Bleu's MST3K tape trading page

Hey! Didja see the MST reference on Futurama on 2/27/00? Here is the scene, along with audio of the quip.

Futurama reference to MST

Now back to the tape trading stuff:

I am looking to add new episodes to my collection, and upgrade poor quality ones. I am also looking for MST3K oddities, like footage of the cut scenes from 'MST3K, The Movie', footage from any MST conventions, the Playstation CD with Mike and the bots etc...

I will trade for other MST3K episodes only, no purchases or other trades are being taken at this time. I will not trade any episodes released by Rhino Home Video. (And neither should you! Do you want poor Servo, Crow and Mike to go hungry? How will Joel finance his next off-beat project? Make it a point to buy every MST Rhino release!)

Please note: some episodes may be missing a few seconds of the Love Theme, but unless indicated nothing else is missing. If you are a stickler for this sort of thing let me know and I will check the episode and see if any LT is missing.


A = Taped off the air with a good signal
B = Good copy
C = So-so copy
D = Bad copy (snowy or blurry etc...)


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 K06 Gamera vs GaosEPD 
 K21 The Last ChaseEPD 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 101 The Crawling EyeEPC 
 102 The Robot vs the Aztec MummyEPC 
 103 Mad MonsterEPC 
 104 Women of the Prehistoric PlanetSPD 
 106 The Crawling Hand-- Rhino, no trade
 111 Moon Zero TwoEPC 
 112 The Black ScorpionEPC 
 113 Untamed YouthEPC 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 201 Rocketship X-MEPD 
 202 SidehackersEPB missing part of last host segment and credits
 203 Jungle GoddessEPB 
 204 Catalina Caper-- Rhino, no trade
 205 Rocket Attack, USAEPA 
 206 Ring of TerrorEPA 
 207 Wild RebelsEPC some glitches, no stinger
 208 The Lost ContinentEPB 
 209 The HellcatsEPB 
 210 King DinosaurEPB 
 211 First Spaceship on VenusEPB 
 212 Godzilla vs MegalonEPB glitches in first host segment, missing part of last host segment and credits
 213 Godzilla vs the Sea MonsterEPB 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 301 Cave Dwellers-- Rhino, no trade
 302 GameraEPD 
 303 Pod People-- Rhino, no trade
 304 Gamera vs BarugonEPB glitch in beginning, other glitches throughout, bad sound
 305 Stranded in SpaceEPD bad sound, missing 1/2 of stinger
 306 Time of the ApesEPC slightly snowy picture
 307 Daddy-OEPB 
 309 The Amazing Colossal Man-- Rhino, no trade
 310 Fugitive AlienEPB 
 311 It Conquered the WorldEPB some glitches in the last 20 minutes, missing part of last host segment, credits and stinger
 312 Gamera vs GuirionEPC 
 313 Earth vs the SpiderEPB 
 314 Mighty JackEPB 
 315 Teenage CavemanEPB 
 316 Gamera vs ZigraEPB 
 319 War of the Colossal BeastEPA MST3K Hour
 320 The Unearthly-- Rhino, no trade
 321 Santa Claus Conquers the MartiansEPB 
 322 Master NinjaEPC 
 323 Castle of Fu ManchuEPC 
 324 Master Ninja IIEPC 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 401 Space TravellersEPD poor picture, bad sound
 402 The Giant Gila MonsterEPA MST3K Hour
 403 City LimitsEPB 
 404 Teenagers from Outer SpaceEPA 
 405 Being from Another PlanetEPB 
 406 Attack of the Giant LeechesEPB 
 407 The Killer ShrewsEPB 
 408 Hercules UnchainedEPB 
 409 The Indestructible ManEPB 
 410 Hercules vs the Moon MenEPB 
 411 The Magic SwordSPC 
 412 Hercules vs the Captive WomenEPB 
 413 Manhunt in SpaceEPB 
 414 TormentedEPB 
 415 The BeatniksEPB 
 416 Fire Maidens from Outer SpaceEPC 
 417 Crash of the MoonsEPB 
 418 Attack of the Eye CreaturesEPB 
 419 The Rebel SetEPB 
 420 The Human DuplicatorsEPA 
 421 Monster A Go-Go!EPB 
 422 The Day the Earth FrozeEPC 
 423 Bride of the MonsterSPC 
 424 Manos: the Hands of Fate-- Rhino, no trade


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 501 Warrior of the Lost WorldEPB 
 502 HerculesEPB 
 503 Swamp DiamondsEPA 
 504 Secret Agent Super DragonEPA 
 505 The Magic Voyage of SinbadEPA 
 506 Eegah-- Rhino, no trade
 507 I Accuse My Parents-- Rhino, no trade
 508 Operation Double 007EPB 
 509 The Girl in Lover's LaneEPB 
 510 The Painted HillsEPB 
 511 The Gunslinger-- Rhino, no trade
 512 Mitchell-- Rhino, no trade
 513 The Brain that Wouldn’t Die-- Rhino, no trade
 514 Teenage StranglerEPB 
 515 Wild World of Batwoman-- Rhino, no trade
 516 Alien from L.A.EPB 
 517 Beginning of the End-- Rhino, no trade
 518 The Atomic Brain-- Rhino, no trade
 519 OutlawEPB 
 523 Village of the GiantsSPC 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 601 Girl’s TownEPB 
 602 Invasion USAEPA 
 603 The Dead Talk BackEPB 
 604 Zombie NightmareEPB 
 609 The Skydivers-- Rhino, no trade
 610 The Violent YearsSPC 
 611 Last of the Wild HorsesEPB 
 613 The Sinister UrgeEPA 
 615 Kitten with a WhipEPA 
 617 The Sword and the DragonEPA no stinger
 618 High School Big ShotEPA 
 619 Red Zone Cuba-- Rhino, no trade
 620 Danger! Death Ray!EPB 
 621 Beast of Yucca FlatsSPC 
 622 Angel’s Revenge-- Rhino, no trade
 624 Sampson vs the Vampire WomenEPB 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 701T Night of the Blood BeastEPC 
 702 The Brute ManSPC 
 703 Deathstalker and the Warriors From HellSPC 
 704 The Incredible Melting ManSPC 
 705 Escape 2000 (Escape from the Bronx)SPC 
 706 LaserblastEPA 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 801 Revenge of the CreatureEPA 
 802 The Leech WomanEPA 
 803 The Mole PeopleEPA 
 804 The Deadly MantisEPA 
 805 The Thing that Couldn’t DieEPA 
 806 The UndeadEPA 
 807 Terror from the Year 5000EPA 
 808 The She CreatureSPA 
 809 I was a Teenage WerewolfEPA 
 810 The Giant Spider InvasionEPA 
 811 parts: the clonus horrorSPA 
 812 The Incredibly Strange Creatures...SPA 
 813 Jack FrostEPA 
 814 Riding with DeathEPA 
 815 Agent for H.A.R.M.LPA 
 816 Prince of SpaceEPA 
 817 The Horror of Party BeachSPA 
 818 Devil DollEPA 
 819 Invasion of the Neptune MenEPA 
 820 Space MutinyEPA 
 821 Time ChasersEPA 
 822 Overdrawn at the Memory BankEPA 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 901 The Projected ManSPA with fixed sound
 902 Phantom PlanetSPA 
 903 Puma ManEPA 
 904 WerewolfEPA 
 905 Deadly BeesEPA 
 906 Space ChildrenEPA 
 907 HobgoblinsEPA 
 908 The Touch of SatanEPA 
 909 GorgoSPA 
 910 The Final SacrificeSPA 
 911 Devil FishSPA 
 912 The Screaming SkullEPA 
 913 The Quest of the Delta KnightsEPA 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 1001 SoultakerSPA 
 1002 The Girl in Gold BootsEPA 
 1003 Merlin's Shop of Mystical WondersSPA 
 1004 Future WarEPA 
 1005 Blood Waters of Dr. ZEPA 
 1007 Track of the Moon BeastEPA 
 1008 Final JusticeSPA 
 1009 HamletSPA 
 1011 Horror of Spider IslandEPA 
 1012 SquirmEPA 
 1013 DiabolikSPA 


 Episode Mode Grade  Comments
 Academy of Robots Choice AwardsSPA glitch at very beginning, nothing important lost
 Joel Hodgson’s TV WheelEPD 
 Little Gold Statue Preview SpecialEPD tracking problem
 The Making of MST3KEPA Sci-Fi Channel Special
 Summer Blockbuster ReviewEPA one glitch
 Summer Blockbuster Review IIEPA 
 This is MST3KEPC Comedy Central Special
 ‘This Week in Rock’ w/Mike and the botsEPC 
 MST3K on Sci-Fi BuzzEPD appearance on the Sci-Fi channel show 'Sci-Fi Buzz' to promote 'MST3K The Movie'

Email me to set up a trade: kjbleu